Waywalkers – Catherine Webb

Sam Linnfer works part time at a London university as a translator of obscure ancient texts. He’s a quiet chap with a few friends here and there, and an affection for cats. 

He’s also immortal and the Son of Time. You might know him better as Lucifer, the Devourer of Souls, or the Devil.

And with all the gods in Heaven about to go to war over ownership of Earth, you’re going to be extremely glad he’s not exactly the person legend makes him out to be.

The Elder Gods have risen. The Firedancers have been called forth. The armies of Heaven are stirring. The ultimate battle has begun.

to survive, Earth will need more that just sympathy for the devil…

“An eagle scared of heights.” That was how one colleague summed up Sam Linnfer. “Probably has a mad wife in the attic too.”

Rating: 3/5 – It was a book that often left me longing to continue reading, exciting plot turns and the likes, however I don’t want to score it higher than average, because that’s what, in my heart of hearts, I believe it to deserve.

Despite this, I would recommend the book to people, especially those who like the kind of mythology/fantasy genre.

Sam Linnfer, an immortal of many identities, wakes one morning to terrible news – his ‘sister’ Freya has been brutally murdered. This news shocks him into finding out her killer before they strike again, and he travels across Earth, Hell and Heaven, following his only lead, a postcard sent to Freya shortly before her untimely death, to reveal shocking secrets about himself and his (albeit extended) family.

Admittedly, my first thought having finished this book, was along the lines of “Finally, it’s over.” Not that it was a tortuous thing to have read it, but that its pages seemed to never end. I’ve poured all my free time into reading this book, and ow I’ve finally managed to finish it, I feel a great deal of relief. However, I have to admit, I did love the characters, and though the story didn’t progress as fast as I’d have liked it to, it was still a very excellent idea.

The author’s writing style took a while to get used to, with long run on sentences, skips in time and a lack of worldbuilding. Plus, many of the things mentioned in the blurb were not touched upon in the book itself, for example the ‘armies of Heaven’, Sam’s love of cats (which I was rather disappointed not to have picked up on!) and the ‘Firedancers’ (although they were included, they were few and far between, and certainly not as dangerous as the blurb made them seem to be!). It is, in my opinion, one of those books that leaves you feeling – on more than one occasion, I might add – that it isn’t actually the first of a series, although it most definitely is. The amount of foreknowledge expected of the reader was just a little too high for my liking.

The characters! They really struck a chord with me, I feel they are really well created and perfectly described. I picture Sam to look like Sam Winchester (Supernatural, Season 1!) wearing BBC Sherlock’s signature black coat and scarf, although he may have been described differently in the book. 

Story-wise, Waywalkers was very much your typical fantasy tale. It had the supernatural beings, the spirits, angels and jinn, and all the travelling between worlds that would be expected from a book of its genre. There was also the mythological aspect of the story – many of the characters had some bearing to legend, whether it be just their names or something more.

All in all it was a decent read, though I don’t feel compelled to continue the series.


~ by exogenetic on September 9, 2013.

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